About 1000 Blocks

1000 Blocks unblocked is one of the most-played Puzzle games in which you have to drag blocks onto the grid and try to clear all the stone blocks to finish a level. The challenge is that you have to place the shapes in a strategical way to create horizontal or vertical lines. Once you have created full lines, they will be eliminated from the field.

1000 Blocks game features a wide array of levels for you to master. The toughness of the levels will be increased as you play. So, you need to solve the block puzzles carefully for a chance of winning. Pay attention to the pieces that appear on the right side. You will see the next shapes that appear on the green. From here, you can think before placing those shapes on the grids. Don’t forget to use the lucky wheel once per level when you have no moves left to use and try to win a power-up that will help you eliminate additional tiles. You can select a free shape then put it on the grid! Can you beat all levels in 1000 Blocks game? Play it now! Have fun with it!

How to Play:

Use the mouse to place blocks in the game.