About Adversator

Adversator is a great RPG strategy io game free for all to play a fun multiplayer match online together. In which, your mission is to destroy the most important buildings on the other side. Try to complete your goal as soon as possible! Especially, it must be finished before they do the same for you.

Adversator unblocked will introduce to you 3 heroes classes to choose from. Further, the challenge that you are joining will rely on combining items. It looks simple but interesting to master the gameplay. Just connect to the room and you can select between moving alone or working with a team. Each character will be given different abilities. While Intelligence is stronger than Agility, it is weaker than Strength. Therefore, you are recommended to keep an eye on them at the beginning to opt for the right one. Their possibilities will affect how you level up. It’s time to enter and compete for the top spot! Good luck!

How to Play:

Strike Left Mouse to move or select, Right mouse to pick a target to hit or purchase items, AZER or QWER to cast spells, T to teleport