About Airplane.io

Airplane.io is a new free-for-all iO game in which you are forced to evade other opponents to gather gems. It is also a way to survive. Although the gameplay looks simple, it is really exciting and difficult to conquer the top spot. With the aircraft based on vehicles used in matches from WWII, you can fly around the playfield in Airplane.io unblocked easily. Remember to collect as many gemstones as possible! They are actually essential to increase your score and affect how you upgrade your plane. If you want to level up, you are recommended to focus on that job and fulfill it quickly. However, the most dangerous part of Airplane.io online will depend on rivals’ assaults. Always avoid them or you will explode into pieces after you crash into their airplane! although you can speed up, that ability will reduce the chance or EXP to progress. Good luck!

How to Play:

Use the mouse to move, click to speed up