About Areena.io

Areena.io is one of the available free online strategy io games where you need to conquer all of the current arenas. Before you climb up to the top spot, you need to complete a series of quests and outsmart other people. You will be able to earn money which is useful to unlock stuff. There are various ways to increase your funds. Aside from interacting with items scattered across the map, you should not forget to purchase upgrades from the shop. It’s also essential to learn about the enemy in Areena.io unblocked! Make sure you are strong enough to defeat them. Otherwise, you will lose everything when you are destroyed. It’s possible to play the baby mode if you’d like to improve your survivability! However, you will not be given any reward when you finish the training course. Press the button and you can embark on the new adventure filled with power-ups! Good luck!

Play Areena.io Unblocked Online

How to Play:Areena.io

Use WASD or Arrows to move your player around, E to interact with items, Space or Left mouse to check weapons