About Arxarcana.io

Arxarcana.io is a cool Battle Royale game like Fortnite.io or PUBG. Take part in an interesting MMO match free online and fight against all of the enemies from around the world. Try to defend the character and survive as long as possible! You will become the winner if you are the last standing man. Aside from staying alive, do not forget to achieve the top score!

Play Arxarcana.io Unblocked Online

Hop into the arena of Arxarcana.io unblocked and play the challenge at school or at home! You should optimize every weapon that you are given, along with abilities and so on. When you cast spells and deploy tools promptly, you can increase your survivability and rank up. Do not ignore chests that you find on the path! They contain a lot of amazing items. Remember to loot those crates to enrich your collection! They are also upgrades that help you progress faster. Especially, you can craft and build after you gather enough resources. Much fun!

How to Play:

Use WASD or Arrow keys to move your character, LMB to shoot, Shift to run, 1-3 to check abilities, Right Mouse to release them