About Bubble Woods

Bubble Woods unblocked is a Bubble Shooter game from the list of unblocked HTML5 games online. It features 60-second bubble shooter gameplay, a system to level up to unlock more boosts, a fireball ability, and full-screen mode. With all of those features, Bubble Woods online has become one of the best HTML5 games to play.

The game is set in a magical forest where you must match at least 3 bubbles of the same color then quickly eliminate them from the forest to get scores. You have 60 seconds to complete a level. Within that time frame, you must shoot as many colored bubbles as possible. If you match 10 bubbles together, you can launch a fierce fireball shot. When you play, you can unlock new abilities as well as advance your levels for more gameplay. You aim to get the best score to become the best player in Bubble Woods game! Play it now for free! Have fun!

How to Play:

Shoot the bubbles using the left mouse. Change balls using the spacebar or the right mouse button.

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