About Burger Truck Frenzy

Burger Truck Frenzy is one of the top free online HTML5 cooking games that fitting kids and parents. Embark on a new mission and give the chef a hand while she is traveling around landscapes in the US. Take control of a food truck and you need to manipulate your management ability skillfully to run her business as she expects! Play Burger Truck Frenzy unblocked you will be required to earn as much money as possible! It is an interesting job and you can check out several skills as your preference. There will be different daily goals waiting for you. Each of them is ready to offer various targets to complete. Are you willing to reach the end and make every customer happy? They are the main resource that will increase the tips you receive. After taking their orders, it is essential to enter the kitchen immediately and finish your task! Good luck!

How to Play:

Use the mouse button to interact with items and customers