About Crowded City.io Unblocked

Crowded City game is a unique multiplayer io game based on Crowd City mobile. Definitely, you will earn a brand new gaming experience and more fun with this Crowded City game free play in your browser. You spawn in the city in the shape of a hungry zombie trying to eat almost everything on your way, especially the zombies that are smaller than you and controlled by real human players. The more you eat, the bigger the size you can reach. But still, there are more other zombies that are way bigger than you, if you don’t dodge them, you will get eaten, causing your adventure to be over. Hence, it’s very important to protect yourself from those enemies. You can think about dealing with them using good strategies and tactics that you have prepared in advance. The main goal in Crowd City online free game is to top the leaderboard with your largest crowd!

How to Play:

Move your crowd using the arrow keys or mouse.