About Cubbe.io

If you want to immerse yourself in another world like Minecraft, then Cubbe.io will be a perfect choice! Cubbe.io new io game is a retro tank-themed blaster game dropping you into a wild world where you can craft a lot of items for your survival. The main aim of Cubbe.io free online is to earn points as much as you can. To gain points for yourself, go kill enemies that come in your way, consume cakes or gift items. You should use your weapon smartly to destroy everything in sight. Keep that weapon upgraded by reaching a specific target point. After that, you will find stronger as well as be able to dish out more damage. Killing enemies brings you some game coins as well. So never stop killing them for awesome prizes that are waiting for you ahead. It will be tough to establish your dominance in this Minecraft-like world, but this is the challenge you have to conquer. Much fun with Cubbe.io game!

How to Play:

Move your character using the mouse, click the left mouse to fire, use the spacebar or middle click to spawn a mine, click the right mouse to move faster, use key S for using a shield and use key Q to show emoji.