About Dungeonz.io

In a free and fantastic RPG adventure game called Dungeonz.io online unblocked, you become an adventurer who has a big ambition on conquering all the quests to win awesome prizes. Dungeonz.io free not only puts you in challenges but also pits you against plenty of rivals from around the world who have the same goal as you. You will begin some quests and discover several areas on the map to find lots of items, gold, equipment and any things that are advantageous to you. Make sure you prepare some weapons for yourself too, so you can use them to deal damage to the rivals and stop them from killing you. If you cannot dodge their shots, you will die, and the game will be over. There is a wonderful glory system in Dungeonz.io game. If you finish the tasks, you will earn rewards from that system. Can you triumph over all of your enemies to become the best adventurer? Much fun!

How to Play:

Use arrow keys or WASD to move your character, click the left mouse to use objects, key E to gather an item, and key numbers to pick an item.