About Evonite.fun

Evonite.fun is one of the most popular classic io games. It is free for all to play and suitable for those who love to join matches to practice their shooting skill. It includes an interesting evolution tree that you should conquer as soon as possible. It is also a way to prove your ability. Are you willing to take part in Evonite.fun unblocked and experience the challenge along with multiple opponents? Try to cut down trees with bushes, cacti, and palms to collect XP!

The point in Evonite.fun online is useful to grow in size while you are small. Besides, you do not forget to chase and attack smaller rivals! They will bring back a better chance for you to increase your survivability. Therefore, you need to stay away from everybody who is larger than you, or you will be eliminated. It is simple to speed up and run! Remember that you cannot sprint for a long time! So, it is essential to save your energy! Good luck!

How to Play:

Choose the mouse cursor to roam, Left Mouse to attack, Right Mouse to sprint, Enter to chat