About Flappyroyale.io

How will you feel when competing against up to 99 other players from around the world in Flappyroyale.io – a multiplayer io game based on Flappy Bird? You may have known how popular the Flappy Bird game used to be in the past, and now all of the challenges will be coming back in Flappy Royale. In this title, you take control of a little bird jumping out from an airplane then start joining a flying competition. You only have one goal here which is to survive at all costs. Other players will try their best to fly faster to leave you behind, so you must quickly flap your wings and fly through as many pipes as possible to increase your score. It will be a game over for you instantly if you let your bird fall down to the ground or touch a pipe on your way. Hence, try your best to fly carefully! Do not allow any enemy birds to get an upper hand on you! You must fight for the championship and the highest rank on the leaderboard.

How to Play:

Use the mouse to flap your wings in the game.