About Futurefunk

If you want to know whether there are more zombie io games coming out or not, then you’ve got your answer already. Futurefunk unblocked is one of the latest multiplayer zombie-themed games focusing on an epic battle between humans and zombies. These two sides, once again, have to compete against each other to see who will dominate the in-game world. If you become a starter zombie, your job is to spread the infection across the map to get all humans infected then turn them into zombies as well. But if you become a human, you only have one big goal which is to survive the big horde of zombies that want to eat you! To do this, make sure you enter the shop to purchase some items then make the most use of them for your survival. Be sure to work together with other survivors so you can get support from them and also, the success chance will be much higher if you team up with each other. Whatever role you take in Futurefunk io game, good luck to you!

How to Play:

Move your character using WASD, turn around using the mouse, click the left mouse to use items, press key G to drop items, and use key E to collect items.