About GooseGame.io

Being trapped in a small pen in GooseGame.io unblocked, you have no choice but to fight against other geese for your survival. GooseGame.io online is all about geese trying to conquer a battle for survival. They have irritated the farmer by taking his stuff. He got angry and decided to lock all of them away in a narrow pen where they will begin the battle.

Play GooseGame.io Unblocked Online

When you spawn in the pen, you see that food is everywhere, but still, it is not enough for everyone. This means you must manage to get enough of it to get your size bigger and try to become stronger than other geese. On your way hunting for good, you should pay attention to the areas around you. It’s still better if you have a good plan to deal with all the enemy geese when they try to attack you. Do whatever it takes to avoid their attacks and at the same time, attack them back when you have a chance. Don’t forget about your strategies either! You can totally get an upper hand on enemies using those strategies. Keep fighting them off as you play to increase your score! Once you have had a higher score, your rank on the leaderboard will be grown as well. You aim to touch the top rank to become the best goose in this arena. Have fun playing GooseGame.io free!

How to Play:

Move your goose using the mouse, attack enemies using the left mouse button and speed up by holding the right mouse button.