About Gunfu

Gunfu is a fantastic free online shooting io game. Lead a player and move him as a tank you need to make use of your skills to defend your character from every opponent. Aside from evading, you can play the match aggressively. Destroy as many enemies as possible to increase your score and rank up! Once you achieve the top point, you will take over the leaderboard easily.

Play Gunfu Unblocked Online

Engage in Gunfu unblocked you are also being a member of a competitive battle. In which, you should always prevent the foes from killing you. By using basic weapons at the start properly, you can level up and unlock advanced items. They are upgrades that will help you occupy the position you expect in the shortest time. Specifically, they are great to launch killstreaks. Each stage will provide dissimilar tools. It’s necessary to select the best equipment! Besides, you are able to perform some special abilities such as speeding up. Good luck!

How to Play:

Use the mouse cursor to move your player, Left Mouse to attack, Right Mouse to run away