About HiveSweeper

Here comes a puzzle game online called HiveSweeper unblocked with many puzzles to solve! HiveSweeper strategy io game is all about capturing a beehive. The game pits you against up to other 5 bees, you must defeat them all to take over the biggest territory in the hive to become the winner, which is not easy at all. HiveSweeper is such a wonderful mixture of classic gameplay and multiplayer competition. All you have to do is to expand your realm and watch out for dangerous traps around you all the time. Making just a single mistake or even using up all tiles will make your game over. Other enemies always want to eliminate you out of the arena, therefore, you have to be careful with them, otherwise, you will have to restart the game from scratch. You aim to rise to the top of the leaderboard as well as become the most dangerous bee in the hive!

How to Play:

Use the left mouse to take over an area, and click the right mouse to mark a bomb area.