About Killer.io

Killer.io is an amazing free-for-all online multiplayer classic io game. Play a new and intense match with other opponents on the same server and become the winner as soon as possible. By collecting the top score, you will have the chance to take over the leaderboard. Specifically, you need to kill the most people.

Play Killer.io Unblocked Online
Play Killer.io Unblocked Online

Start Killer.io unblocked you are also joining a competitive challenge. Take control of a maniac you can use the knife available to assassinate whoever in the area. But, you should not skip the tutorial on the screen. Actually, you do not stay next to dead bodies or murder anyone in the crowd or you can be spotted and captured by the police. Not only that, you are recommended to stab persons around the level. Try to perform your action carefully and survive until you conquer the rankings! Once you win the stage, you can purchase plenty of upgrades. Good luck!

How to Play:

Use WASD to move your killer, Z to attack the target, X to interact