About Lordz.io

Lordz.io is one of the top classic multiplayer games similar to Squadd.io when you have to survive at all costs. It is about the story of a leader who is controlling a troop. It is available for you to download the new adventure on mobile apps or explore it on the desktop. Before you take over the highest position on the rankings, you need to assemble the biggest army first. Play Lordz.io online in browser you can turn on the full-screen mode at any time you want. Start the competition with other people by searching for and picking up gold. The resource is essential to purchase soldiers and build houses that can enhance the population. In the population limits. In Lordz.io unblocked inspired by Agar.io style, it is free to gather coins. However, you do not forget to protect your achievements with towers. Quickly put up turrets or you can be attacked and destroyed! Enter the Medieval Ages and show your talent now!

How to Play:

Use the mouse to navigate, Space to split, E to the house, R to towers, T to soldiers, Y to knights, U to archers, I to barbarians, O to dragons, Esc to quit