About Lordz2.io

Lordz2.io is a new strategy io game. Explore another chapter of the Lordz.io series and embark on a competitive challenge on a massive map. Start off with a commander and lead a small troop. You should build up the strongest and biggest army as soon as possible because it will help you occupy the entire playfield. Furthermore, you can take over the top spot. Their presence is really important to capture neighbors, expand the given territory, and unlock the best heroes.

Play Lordz2.io Unblocked Online

According to the latest update of Lordz2.io unblocked, there are some exciting additions such as Powers, Cavalry units, countless buildings, soldiers, and walls. Besides, you can experience an advanced Formation system. They will contribute to defending your base and outplaying rivals or unlocking upgrades sooner. Before you play Lordz2.io free online, you’d better learn and master controls. It is a long list of keys that you deploy within the match. It’s time to hop into the world of kings, lords, and wizards! Do not forget to share the story with your friends! Good luck!

How to Play:

Use WASD or the mouse to move your character, Left Mouse to attack, E or RMB to deploy powers, Space to split the army, B to build, U to select units, F to activate the formation menu, Y to improve units, V to watch videos rewarded, C to switch formation, M to view the mini-map, Enter to chat, Esc to pause