About Mazmorra.io

Mazmorra.io is an RPG game that comes from io games series on the Internet. The new io games keep coming out these days, and this title is no exception. In this title – Mazmorra.io unblocked, you will have to crawl your way through a dangerous dungeon full of monsters and enemies. It’s simply just a dungeon crawling game featuring classic graphics and is totally based on the Diablo series. But, it will not be easy for any players to conquer. The game is commenced at the castle which is a secured area to hang out with many friends, to refill your HP and to purchase or sell items. You have to make your way through a wide range of dungeons by searching for doors for the next levels. On your way, if you encounter monsters, don’t be hesitant to attack and kill them for experience points. The more experience points you have, the higher the level you will increase. Remember to unlock some chests to see if you can find some rare items or not. Can you make it till the end of the dungeon?

How to Play:

Attack your enemies or move your character using the left mouse. When in your inventory, click the right mouse to drink potions, change equipped items, and buy or sell items.