About One Connect Classic

One Connect Classic unblocked is an HTML5 game with many puzzles to solve. The game features Mahjong tiles with different themes for you to explore, like funny animals, tasty sweets, or healthy food. Have your skills ready to solve all challenging puzzles in One Connect Classic game.

In this title, you have to search for pairs and eliminate all tiles from the file before time runs out. You need to have a keen eye when searching for the Mahjong tiles of the same type then quickly eliminate them. Make sure that two tiles are not obstructed by other tiles. Also, the path between them will not have more than three lines or two 90 degree angles. Try to play the game with smart strategies to win. In case you cannot make any moves, the board will reshuffle. How fast can you solve these Mahjong puzzles? Play One Connect Classic online game for free now! and have fun with it!

How to Play:

Use the mouse to match two Mahjong tiles and eliminate them from the game before time runs out.