About Pirate Cards

Pirate Cards free online is a unique card battle game about a legendary pirate trying to defeat all enemies for the ultimate victory. You can play Pirate cards online in browsers since the game was already updated as an HTML5 game. It was made by IFGD and it features a unique gameplay mechanic that keeps you entertained for hours.

In Pirate Cards unblocked, you can get access to cool characters, item animations, with unlockable pirate models. Pick the type of field you want to play, either 3×3 or 4×4 then enter the challenges to conquer them all. You can play the game in the full-screen mode if you want. In this rogue-like card action game, as a brave pirate, you make your way through an island filled with dangers and treasures. You take every single move on the board until you don’t have any life points left. Make use of your strategy as well as calculate your moves head to conquer challenges. Aim then shoot cannons, gather shields with coins, as well as protect yourself from dangers. Try to defeat bosses to improve your skills and unlock treasure chests by finishing minigames. Have fun with Pirate Cards game!

How to Play:

Click the left mouse button and drag it to move the cards in the game.