About Polic.io

Polic.io is a free multiplayer racing game. Your mission is to become an officer. Start the new competition on a massive map with a red car and you must stay away from blue vehicles. You will have to compete against multiple opponents online from around the world at the same time. To achieve the goal, remember to collect the most particles! These items will help your boost tank full and allow you to be the winner. If you change into a policeman successfully, you should arrest criminals rapidly. However, you can finish the target when you play Polic.io unblocked with another. If you lose, you will be punished with reduced speed, the position will be revealed on the minimap and the point will be decreased. Aside from different events, you can accept to engage in an exciting race challenge after you gather enough tokens. Don’t ignore the yellow mark! It is the place where you are asked to go to. Have fun!

How to Play:

Hit Left Mouse to speed up, Right Mouse to involve in a race challenge, scroll mouse wheel or strike X to stop competing, 1-5 to select emotes