About Shapez.io

Shapez.io is a classic MMO strategy Io game where you are forced to work hard and deploy plans smartly if you want to take over the top spot. In other words, it’s necessary to learn and master how to manage your property in order to overtake your neighbors. Every player in Shapez.io unblocked will be delivered to a strange and massive map. In which, you will start your challenge in a small area. If you are successful in building up the best factories, you will have the chance to expand your territory soon.

Play Shapez.io free online and you have to choose or drop your items properly or your system cannot run. During the time that you progress, you will face a lot of difficulties. One of them will relate to the demand increase. Attempt to scale up your mill so it is capable of fit everybody’s needs! When you level up and occupy a larger region, you will receive many fantastic upgrades. Embark on your mission now! Have fun!

How to Play:

Use the mouse button to control items, right mouse to delete them, Q to pipette, scroll the mouse wheel to zoom in or out

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