About Worms.lol

Worms.lol is one of the latest popular Slither style Io games. Start off with a tiny worm and play against multiple online enemies worldwide. To grow longer and become the top player on the new battlefield, you need to eat as much as possible. The food will be scattered across the map at random so you can find that resource wherever easily. When you get bigger, your rank is also improved. In Worms.lol unblocked free, you are able to defeat any rival nearby. Alike with tips and tricks in the original, you can speed up to chase a target, block his head and cut off him to loot pellets that he owns. Although it is an effective way to occupy the leaderboard sooner. But, it is pretty dangerous. Therefore, you are recommended to avoid other bodies and survive until you claim the crown. Try to finish challenges to receive every reward such as heats, eyes, mouths, and glasses!

How to Play:

Use the mouse to control your worm’s movement, Left mouse to sprint,