About ZombiesWithGuns.io

Can zombies shoot down each other using guns? With ZombiesWithGuns.io unblocked, they are totally able to do that! This is such an interesting 2D shooting io game you can play online with many players from around the world in the form of zombies. You make your way through the huge game arena of ZombiesWithGuns.io free online game just to hunt down other zombie players and quickly destroy them all before they eliminate you. After killing them, you can eat their brains to increase your score easily. However, the battle will become much harder as you progress further into the game when more and more difficult zombies come out to take you down. Do not give them any chances to shoot you, otherwise, the game will be over, and you will restart it from scratch. Keep your zombies alive for as long as possible until you top the leaderboard. You can try out many zombie skins as well as pick your favorite weapon loadout!

How to Play:

Perform the movement using arrow keys or WASD. Shoot enemies using the mouse, aim down sights using the right mouse, sprint with key Shift and open the menu using key ESC.